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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Listing vSAN datastores

You can get a list of vSAN datastores associated with a given server.

Before you begin

  • In order for the vSAN datastore information to be available to UCP Advisor, the vSAN must be brought online by following the VMware best practices.
  • Ensure that the vSAN cluster exists in the same vCenter inventory where the appliance is registered.


  1. In UCP Advisor, click the Compute icon.

  2. In the Navigator window, select the server for which you want to list the datastores.

  3. Click the Manage tab, then click the vSAN Datastores tab.

    Details regarding the selected server are provided as follows:
    • Host Config: Shows the host name and other related details.
    • Datastore: Shows the datastore name, free space, and capacity.
    • Physical Storage Devices: Shows the physical storage devices associated with the datastore, including capacity, tier, drive type, state, and operational state.
    • Other Storage Devices: Shows any other associated storage devices.


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