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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Using the UCP Advisor CLI

You can use the UCP Advisor CLI to perform management functions. The following procedure is for the Windows platform.

Before you begin

Create an environment variable called UCPA_HOST (for Linux and Mac, place this in your .bashrc; for Windows, go to Advance Settings in System Properties) - export UCPA_HOST= https:// <ucp-advisor-IP>:23015.

Download the UCP CLI package from the UCP Advisor media kit or UCP Advisor installed path.


  1. Open a command prompt and navigate to C:\Program Files\Hitachi\UCP Advisor\ucp\cli\win.

  2. Enter ucpactl.exe list to get a registered UCP appliance in UCP Advisor.

  3. Initiate the login and provide the previously returned appliance ID, then enter the vCenter credential to create a valid session as shown in the examples below.

    After a session token has been generated, all CLIs can be invoked with the required input parameter.


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