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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Running Hitachi Automation Director

You can access Hitachi Automation Director from within UCP Advisor and make use of specially designed workflows that automate many of the common management tasks.

Before you begin

  • Ensure the Hitachi Automation Director software is installed, and is registered with UCP Advisor.
  • Ensure that your Hitachi representative has created custom workflows that can be run from UCP Advisor.


  1. In the Navigator window, or from the icons in the UCP Advisor window, select the type of device you want to manage (Storage, Compute, Ethernet Switches, or Fibre Channel Switches).

  2. Double-click and select the device from the Objects window.

  3. From the Actions list, select Hitachi Automation Director. A listing of Automation Director workflows is provided, along with an explanation of the function that each performs. If the list is empty, contact your Hitachi representative. Clear the Show only UCP Advisor workflows option to see the default workflows.

  4. Select the required workflow from the list and click Submit.


The selected Automation Director workflow is run. You can monitor its status in the Recent Tasks pane.