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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Upgrading UCP Advisor to 2.0.0 Patch 1

Upgrade the UCP Advisor 2.0.0 management node instance to the latest code, Patch 1. Before beginning, verify that the UCP Advisor VM installed services are up and running. UCP Advisor 2.0.0 Patch 1 is available in the form of a UCP Advisor ISO. Connect it to the UCP Advisor Controller VM.

Workflow for upgrading UCP Advisor 2.0.0 to Patch 1

Use this workflow to upgrade UCP Advisor 2.0.0 to Patch 1:

Before you begin

Obtain the ISO image from the distribution media or portal.

The following services must be running before starting the UCP Advisor 2.0.0 Patch 1 upgrade:

  • Hitachi UCP Advisorr Ghost
  • Hitachi UCP Advisor Hi-Track Web Service
  • Hitachi UCP Advisor Service Registry
  • Hitachi UCP Advisor Services
  • Hitachi UCP Advisor Sidecar
  • Hitachi UCP VI Service
  • Hitachi vRO Converge Web Service
  • Hitachi Watchdog Service

Step 2: Installing Java 8 Update 151

Install Java 8 update 151 to start the UCP Advisor 2.0.0 Patch 1 upgrade.

  1. Mount the mediabundle on the UCP Advisor Controller VM and navigate to the following location E:\Software\Java8.

  2. Double-click jre-8u151-windows-x64.exe.

  3. Click Next to set up Java with the default settings.

  4. Select to uninstall the out-of-date Java 8 Update 144 (64-bit).

    The Java Setup Complete window appears.

Step 3: Upgrading UCP Advisor

Install the UCP Advisor 2.0.0 Patch 1 build.

  1. Double-click the UCPAdvisor-Master-setup-02.0.0-(x64).exe file, located under the Advisor media bundle (E:\Software\UCPAdvisor20).

  2. Click Yes to confirm the upgrade of UCP Advisor.

  3. Click Next.

    You see the setup status window.
  4. Select to restart the computer later and click Finish.

Step 4: Upgrading the REST API

Upgrade the UCP Advisor REST API.

  1. Go to C:\Program Files\Hitachi\UCP Advisor\RestAPI.

  2. Double-click setup.exe.

  3. Click Yes to confirm the upgrade of the UCP Advisor REST API.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Click OK to continue the installation.

  6. Click Finish.

  7. Manually reboot the system.

Step 5: Re-registering the UCP Advisor plugin using Toolbox

Re-register and upgrade the UCP Advisor plugin.

  1. Log on to UCP Advisor and double-click the UCP Advisor Toolbox desktop icon.

  2. Enter the vCSA Address and credentials, and click Submit.

  3. Click Yes to confirm the upgrade.

Step 6: Verifying UCP Advisor plugin status

Log on to the vSphere web client, navigate to the UCP Advisor plugin, and check the status of onboarded devices.

  1. Validate that the build is updated.

  2. Navigate to the UCP Advisor plugin.

    The UCP Advisor Dashboard shows all onboarded devices. The status for all onboarded devices appears as unreachable.
  3. Wait 30 to 45 minutes, and refresh the window.

    The device Status changes to Normal.
  4. Confirm validation is complete and upgrade is finished.