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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Upgrading server firmware

You can upgrade the server firmware to the latest level.

Before you begin

  • Prior to upgrading the server firmware, you must first upload the appropriate firmware bundle from the Firmware tab, available from the Administration selection in the Navigator window.
  • During a firmware update, the server goes through a power cycle and the UCP Advisor gateway VM is not accessible and so will fail. To avoid any disruption, migrate the UCP Advisor Gateway appliance to a different server before performing the firmware update.
NoteFirmware upgrades are not currently supported for UCP 2000, HC, and RS based Broadwell servers.


  1. In UCP Advisor, click the Compute icon.

  2. In the Navigator window, select the server to be upgraded with the latest firmware.

  3. From the Actions list, select Upgrade Firmware.

  4. Select the firmware bundle to upload and click Next.

    The Summary window appears.
  5. Confirm your selection and click Finish.