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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Compute node inventory

You can obtain a summary of pertinent details for a selected compute node by accessing the Summary tab from the UCP Navigator window.

The Summary tab presents general details for a selected server and the Manage tab provides even more detailed information regarding the various components for a server. For instance, you can see the serial number associated with a server, alerts, and the current operating status for its various components. In addition, you can also replace a server, modify a chassis or server label, or update the firmware.

The Summary tab, shown below, provides information about the server, its location, and its current state.

The following summary details are provided:

  • Serial Number:

    Serial number of the server.

  • BMC IP Address:

    BMC IP address for the server.

  • Host OS:

    ESXi host hypervisor version of the OS.

  • vCenter:

    Indicates the vCenter to which the host is assigned.

  • DataCenter:

    Indicates where the ESXi host resides.

  • Cluster:

    If applicable, shows the cluster to which the ESXi host is assigned.

  • Status:

    The status can be one of the following:

    • Normal
    • Maintenance
    • Unreachable
  • Host IP Address:

    IP address for the server.

  • BIOS Version:

    Shows the current BIOS version.

  • BMC Firmware Version:

    Shows the current BMC firmware version.

  • CMC Version:

    Shows the current CMC version.

  • Chipset:

    Chipset used by the server.

  • No of CPU:

    Number of CPUs used by the server.

  • Total Memory:

    Total available physical memory available to the server.

  • Hard Disk Status:

    Shows the current status (present or absent) for the hard disk used by the server.

  • Power Status:

    Shows whether the power is currently on or off.

  • LID Status:

    Shows whether the location ID is on or off for the server.

  • Voltage Status:

    Shows the current voltage status.

  • Fan Status:

    Shows the current fan status.

  • Temperature Status:

    Shows the current temperature for the server.

  • WWN:

    Specifies the WWN for the server.

  • Alerts:

    Shows server alerts with time stamps and severity.

A collection of icons at the top of the Summary window allow you to quickly perform common operations that affect the performance of the server.