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Testing workflows

You can test a workflow pipeline by sending a single test document through it. You can then view detailed test results for each stage, including:

  • How long it took for the stage to process the document
  • Field/value pairs that were added and removed by the stage
  • Field/value pairs that were added and removed by the stage

    To test a workflow output action, add an Execute Action stage to the end of one of your pipelines, configure it to run the same action as your workflow output, and run a test for that pipeline.

  • You should disable a workflow's Check for Updates setting before testing it. Otherwise, the workflow test does not complete.
  • Testing a workflow does not take into account the workflow pipeline's execution mode. This means that a workflow test might succeed where running the workflow task itself will fail.

    For example, a workflow task halts in this situation:

    • The workflow has two pipelines, one with the Preprocessing execution mode and the other with the Workflow-Agentexecution mode.
    • The Preprocessing pipeline contains an archive expansion stage (such as the TAR Expansion stage).

    However, when you run a test of just the workflow pipeline in this situation, the test succeeds.


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