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Solr aliases

For users with multiple Solr index collections, Solr aliases can help provide federated, sorted search results to make all of the accompanying documents more manageable to search through. The aliases you create will appear as a selectable index value in the Search App.

The results can then be queried, refined, and sorted based upon the settings you implement for the alias in Workflow Designer, and bulk actions can also be applied.

By default, the alias inherits the query settings of the first index collection listed and they are sorted alphabetically. If you have multiple indexes and would prefer to have the alias inherit the query settings of a specific one, you must create the alias with that specific index and then later, add the other indexes.

To learn more about Solr aliases, see the Apache Solr Reference Guide.

ImportantWhile Solr aliases share many things in common with Solr indexes, there are a few important distinctions to make about their functionality and use:
  • Aliases cannot be used to execute actions in a pipeline or as workflow outputs.
  • Aliases cannot be backed up or restored.
  • Aliases will only function with internal indexes.
  • Only internal Solr 8 indexes can be used as part of an alias.


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