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Directly editing configuration files for HCI Indexes

Your system uses Apache Solr as the underlying search technology for HCI indexes, which are the indexes that the system itself stores and manages. After editing these files, you need to reload the index for your changes to take effect. This can take several minutes.

  • Improper changes to the Solr index configuration files can prevent your index from functioning correctly.
  • Hitachi Vantara does not provide support for editing Apache Solr configuration files. For assistance, see the applicable Apache Solr documentation.
  • Any changes you make to these files cannot be automatically undone.
  • The Schema tab in the Admin App tries to display any changes you make to the Solr index schema files. The Admin App might not be able to display all such changes.

For information on using supported methods to edit index collections, see Adding and editing fields in an index collection schema.

To directly edit these files:


  1. Click the Index Collections window.

  2. Select the index collection you want to configure.

  3. Click the Advanced tab.

    The page displays the index configuration files that you can configure.

  4. Make the changes you want to the configuration files. Then click Save.

  5. To apply your changes to the index, click Reload Index.


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