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Configuring external indexes

You can configure connection settings for existing external index collections.


  1. Click the Index Collections window.

  2. Select an external index collection.

  3. On the Config tab, configure the available index settings:

    Apache Solr settings

    • Connection URL: URL for the Solr server. To use SolrCloud, prepend the connection URL with Z:. Otherwise, the format is [http:]//[<host>]:[<port>]/solr.
    • Management URL: URL used to connect to the Solr server for management operations. The format is [http://][<host>]:[<port>].

    Elasticsearch settings

    • Connection URL: URL for the Elasticsearch server. The format is <host>:<port>.

    HDDS settings

    • Connection URL: URL for the HDDS system.
    • Connection Port: Port to connect to on the HDDS system.
    • Username and password for a local HDDS user account or an AD user account with permissions to access the HDDS system
    • Use SSL: Option to enable or disable SSL for the connection to HDDS.


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