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Index collections

An index collection is a set of instructions for building a search index. Each index collection contains both of these:

  • A schema: A list of fields with configuration settings for each. These settings specify whether a field is indexed and what features the field supports.

    For example, you can configure a field to be both indexed (that is, users can search for documents based on that field) and to also allow users to sort search results based on values for the field.

  • Query settings: Settings that determine which users are allowed to search the index, what fields they can use to create queries, and how search results are presented.
Using an index collection

You can use an index collection in these ways:

  • As the output for a workflow. When a task runs for that workflow, the documents that exit the workflow pipeline are processed according to the instructions in the index collection to build a search index. See Workflow outputs.
  • In an Execute Action stage in a pipeline. See Adding actions to a pipeline.

For suggested best practices on configuring an index collection, see Best practices for designing an index.

Specifying who can search an index

For information on specifying which users can search an index, see Controlling user access to search indexes.


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