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HCP for Cloud Scale Bucket Indexing (Preview Mode)

ImportantHCP for Cloud Scale Bucket Indexing is a premium feature that is disabled by default. To enable it, contact your Hitachi Vantara representative.

HCP for Cloud Scale Bucket Indexing allows HCP for cloud scale users to index and search the objects contained within the buckets of their S3 Console software through HCI.

The auto-generated workflow creates two data connectors to process objects between the HCI and HCP-CS systems:

  • An HCP for Cloud Scale Bucket Kafka Queue connector (a unique connector created exclusively for this process)
  • An HCP for Cloud Scale S3 Compatible connector (a modified version of the S3 Compatible connector)

An associated pipeline labeled __HCI_HCP_CS_TS_PIPELINE is also created, which consists of the multiple stages required to process the objects for indexing and searching.

Once created, the workflow utilizes all system resources and assumes it is the only workflow that is being run. You will then be able search and view metrics, status, and failure information for all of the objects contained in your S3 Console bucket through the schemaless index that is added within HCI.

In order to use this feature, an event notification policy must be enabled on the bucket from within the HCP-CS S3 Console software. For more information, see event notifications policy on the S3 Console's documentation portal.


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