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For end-user search experience

Expose as many searchable fields as is useful

When configuring an index collection schema, you can configure fields to support the indexed attribute or Search within a field use case. Doing this allows users to build searches based on values for these fields.

For your users to know what fields are available for them to search with, you need to enable those fields on the Filtering tab in an index collections query settings. This allows those fields to appear to your users on the Refine menu in the Search App.

For more information, see Configuring filtering in query settings.

Keep searches fast

To ensure that search results are returned quickly, you should limit the amount of data that gets returned with each search result. Specifically, avoid returning the full text of every document in each search result. Instead, use the built-in Snippet Extraction stage to extract a sample from each document and return that sample in search results. For information, see Snippet Extraction stage.

For information on configuring which fields are returned with each search result, see Configuring search result layouts.

Enable extra search features

The system offers a number of features to make it easy for your users to find what they're looking for. As a search administrator, you configure index collections and query settings to enable these features for your users.

For information, see Configure your user's search experience.


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