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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Specifying additional query parameters

When you run an advanced search in the Search App, you might be able to specify some additional query parameters that affect how search results are presented.

When searching a Solr index, you can use the rows parameter to control how many rows of documents are displayed on a page.


Your administrator determines whether this feature is available on the index you want to search. The available query parameters are specific to the type of index being searched:

  • For a list of common Solr index query parameters, see Common Query Parameters.
  • For Elasticsearch indexes, the only supported parameter is debugQuery=true.

To specify additional query parameters, in the Search App:


  1. Choose an index to search.

  2. If you have access to multiple search indexes, use the menu in the search bar to select the one you want to search or select All.

  3. Click Advanced to the right of the search bar. The Additional Parameters field appears underneath the search bar.

  4. Enter your parameters according to this format:

  5. Click Search.


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