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Searching for files

This help explains how to use the Search App to search for files. The Search App lets you find files using simple search terms or using more advanced searches created with the provided query syntax.

NoteHitachi Content Intelligence also gives a REST API and CLI tool for searching. To access these, talk to your administrator.

Your system might allow you to search multiple indexes. These indexes can differ in the files that they contain and what search features they support. For example, one index might provide you with suggestions on what to search while another index might not.

When searching, you can search a single index at a time or you can search all of them at the same time.


  1. Open a web browser and go to:

  2. Enter your username and password on the login page.

  3. If you have access to multiple search indexes, use the menu in the search bar to select the one you want to search or select All.

  4. Do one of these:

    1. To perform a simple search, enter some text in the search box and then click search.

    2. To perform a refined search when searching a single index:

      1. Click Refine.
      2. To add fields additional fields for filtering, click Add field.
      3. Select a field from the menu.
      4. In the menu that appears for the field you selected, type or select a value that you want to use to narrow your search results.
      5. Click Filter.
        NoteYou cannot do this when searching all indexes.
    3. To perform an advanced search:

      1. Click Advanced.
      2. Enter an advanced search term and then click the search icon. For information on building advanced search terms, see Query syntax.
        TipTry creating a refined query before clicking on the Advanced link. Your refined query will be translated into the query syntax that the system uses. Use this trick to help you learn the advanced query syntax.

Next steps

For information on working with your search results, see Search results.


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