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HCI deployment

This section of the HCI Getting Started guide helps you with the service deployment wizard of the HCI product.

Access deployment wizard

After creating your instance, you need to go to the service deployment wizard in the Admin App.

To access the service deployment wizard:


  1. Open a web browser and go to: https://instance_ip_address:8000

  2. On the Welcome page, set a password for the admin user account. Then click CONTINUE.GUID-640AAFCF-63BE-4403-BDC8-D3427285F67C-low.png

  3. On the Licensing page:

    • If you have your purchased license file, drag and drop it into the Upload License section. Alternatively, you can use CLICK TO UPLOAD to browse for your license file.
    • If you've purchased a license but have not yet received it, make note of the value in the System ID section on the Licensing page and contact your sales representative.
    • To use the system for a limited amount of time with the pre-installed trial license, click Next.

    If for some reason the trial license failed to install, there is a copy included in the HCI-<version-number>.tgz installation package that you can upload to the Licensing page. The trial license is located in the installation package at:

  4. On the Set Cluster Hostname/IP page, specify the hostname for your system. Omitting this can cause links in the Admin App to function incorrectly. Then click CONTINUE.GUID-60A31A5D-C847-4343-9BE3-776E33B9028D-low.png

  5. On the Choose Deployment page, select the HCI deployment type that you purchased, either Hitachi Content Search or Hitachi Content Monitor. Then click CONTINUE.

    The Confirm Cluster Topology page displays and shows the detected instance.
    NoteIf the instance is not displayed, click the Click here link in the Instance Discovery window until they appear.

Deploy the system

When all your instances have been discovered and configured, click Deploy Single Instance or Deploy Cluster. The system deployment starts. You can click the View Deployment Details link to view the process of the deployment.


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