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Creating a dashboard

You can create a dashboard using the Monitor web app, REST API, or CLI.

For REST API, use command POST /dashboards. For CLI, use command createDashboard.

To add a new dashboard using the Monitor web app:


  1. Click + on the Dashboards tab.

  2. Give your dashboard a name and a description and then click Update.

  3. To choose visualizations for your dashboard, click Add Visualization.

  4. From the list of options, select a visualization and customize its settings.

  5. Click Add to Dashboard after you have configured your visualization, or click Select a Different Visualization to choose another.

  6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 for each visualization you want to add to your dashboard.

  7. When you are finished adding visualizations, click and drag them to arrange them.

  8. After you have added and arranged all of your visualizations, click Update to save your dashboard.

  9. From the Dashboards menu, click View to view your dashboard.


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