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Dashboards and visualizations

Dashboards display combinations of visualizations. You can either create your own dashboard or choose from a selection of premade dashboards.

  • User-created dashboards: HCM lets you create dashboards where you can view multiple visualizations in one place. You can add new visualizations to these dashboards and rearrange them at any time. These dashboards can also contain visualizations for multiple sources. For example, you can create a dashboard that contains a set of visualizations for an HCP system and another set for the system's replica.
  • Premade dashboards: When you add a source, HCM builds some dashboards for you for monitoring the source. Unlike the dashboards you create, these dashboards contain information for only one source.
TipIf you are updating to a newer version of HCI that includes default dashboards previously unavailable in your older version, the new default dashboards are automatically added to your existing signal sources.


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