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Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection monitors your HCP system to detect and report any unusual storage and network usage readings across the system. Every new reading is compared to a distribution of historical readings using percentiles. A reading is considered an anomaly if it is highly unusual compared to historical data, such as being above the high extreme or below the low extreme.

After an anomaly is detected, the Monitor App sends you an alert that you should investigate. An anomaly could be expected if you have added an application that uses a lot of storage. Or, it could indicate that a service is not performing as expected. The alert clears only when sufficient time has passed and the percentiles of readings have shifted so that the original reading is no longer unusual.

When you enable Anomaly Detection for a source, your system automatically creates two monitors for the following conditions:

  • Anomaly Storage Used: Dramatic changes in the hourly system storage, whether an increase or decrease
  • Anomaly Front-End Total: Dramatic changes in the front-end network traffic


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