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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Adding HCP sources

To monitor an HCP system, you need to add it as a source to HCM and select the signals you're interested in. Each signal gives different information about the source and needs to be configured separately on the source.

NoteTo connect to your signal source, you must use a SSL certificate. If your certificate isn't trusted by the system, it will prompt you to accept and store it before creating your signal source.

To add an HCP source:


  1. Click the Sources tab.

  2. Click + on the Sources tab.

  3. From the Source menu, select HCP Source.

  4. Configure the settings and signals for the source you want to monitor.

  5. Click Continue.

  6. On the Analytics step, select whether to enable Anomaly Detection on your HCP system. Then click Continue.

    The Preview Visualizations page loads and displays the associated visualizations.
  7. When you are finished previewing your visualizations, click Continue.

  8. Review your source configuration and then click Create.

    You also have the option to import any logs you have downloaded from an HCP system. Click the check box to be redirected to the Importing historical HCP logs page after you create your source.

    HCM starts monitoring your source and displaying information about it on the Dashboards page. See Dashboards and visualizations.


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