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Adding HCP for Cloud Scale sources (Preview Mode)

ImportantThis source is being released in Preview Mode. We do not recommend using it in a production environment, but welcome feedback on functionality and any issues you encounter.

To monitor an HCP for Cloud Scale system, you need to add it as a source in HCM. HCM then leverages a Prometheus connector to gather the metrics from the system. It is the only signal availabe for this source and is selected by default when it is created.

To add an HCP for Cloud Scale source:


  1. Click the Sources tab.

  2. Click + on the Sources tab.

  3. From the Configure New Source > Source menu, select HCP for Cloud Scale Source (Preview Mode).

  4. In the HCP for Cloud Scale System to Monitor field, enter the domain name of your HCP for Cloud Scale system.

  5. If you are using a custom port for the Prometheus connector on your HCP for Cloud Scale system, enter it in the Gather HCP for Cloud Scale Prometheus Metrics field.

  6. When you are finished customizing your source, click Continue.

    The Preview Visualizations page loads and displays the associated visualizations.
  7. When you are finished previewing your visualizations, click Continue.

  8. Review your source configuration and then click Create.

    HCM starts monitoring your source and displaying information about it on the Dashboards page. See Dashboards and visualizations.


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