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Data connection issues


You have a Local File System data connection that connects to an NFS file system mounted on all instances in the system.

When running a workflow task, no documents are read from this data connection.

When performing a pipeline or workflow test, no files appear in this data connection when you browse it.

Restart the Docker container for the Admin-App service on all instances in the system.

On each instance:

  1. List all Docker containers:
    docker ps -a
  2. Record the container ID for the for the container named admin-app.
  3. Restart the container:
    docker restart <admin-app-container-id>

When using data connection actions, writes to files fail with this error:

Failed to set POSIX attribute on file

The POSIX metadata semantics on the source data connection are different from those on the data connection you're trying to write to.

Change the value for the affected settings in your action:

  • Owner UID
  • Owner GID
  • Permissions

You can change these settings to use different fields or literal values.

For example, you can change the Permissions setting to be a field other than HCI_mode or a literal POSIX permissions value such as 644.


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