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Create a data connection to one of your data sources

  1. In Workflow Designer, click Data Connections.

  2. Click Add Data Connection.

  3. On the Add Data Connection page, configure a data connection for the system you want to read data from.

    For example, to connect to an HCP namespace, enter this information:
    • Type: HCP
    • Name: Enter a name of your choice.
    • HCP System Name, HCP Tenant Name, HCP Namespace Name: You can find this information in the HCP Namespace Browser URL for the namespace you want to index.

      The Namespace Browser URL for a namespace has this format:


    • HCP Root Directory: Specify the path to the directory you want to index. Use / (forward slash) to index the entire namespace.
    • Use SSL: Enable or disable this setting depending on the access protocol settings on the HCP namespace.

      If you enable this option, click Test to connect to the data source and retrieve its SSL certificate.

    • User Name: Enter the username for an account that has permission to read data in the HCP namespace.
    • Password: Enter the password for the account.

    For information on built-in data connections, see Data connection types and settings.

  4. Click Create.


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