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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Creating a syslog sender

You can create a syslog sender using the Monitor App, REST API, or CLI.

For REST API, use command POST /senders. For CLI, use command createSender.

To create a syslog sender using the Monitor App:


  1. Click Monitors.

  2. Click + on the Monitors tab.

    NoteThe Monitor + button only functions when you need to create a monitor from the Manage page or a sender from the Sender page.
  3. Select NEW SENDER.

  4. Configure the settings for your syslog sender:

    NameA name for the syslog sender.
    DescriptionA description for the syslog sender.
    SenderChoose Syslog Sender to configure the settings for a syslog sender.
    Host Hostname or IP address of the syslog host string.
    Port The syslog's port of use. The default port is 514.
    FacilityThe syslog facility to send message to. The default is local0.
    Sender Identity The identity of the sender that accompanies the message. The default is hcm.
  5. Click CREATE.

    TipYou can test your sender by clicking Test Sender when creating or editing a monitor. For information, see Creating a monitor.


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