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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Syslog signal

When you enable the Gather Syslog Metrics signal for a source, HCM collects logs that HCP publishes through syslog. HCM uses these logs to gather information about HCP system events and HTTP requests.

To configure HCP to send messages via syslog:


  1. Log into the HCP System Management Console.

  2. Select Monitoring > Syslog.

  3. On the Syslog page:

    1. Select Enable syslog.

    2. Select any value for the Facility field in the Administrator Events section.

    3. In the Send log messages at this level or higher field, select NOTICE.

    4. Select Send compliance events.

    5. Select Send security events.

    6. Select any value for the Facility field in the HTTP Access section.

    7. Select Send log messages for HTTP-based data access requests.

    8. Select any value for the Facility field in the Management API Access section.

    9. Select Send log messages for management API requests.

    10. In the Syslog Server IP Addresses section, add the IP addresses of all HCM system instances, including the port number used by the Loggingservice for collecting syslog messages. By default, this is 9601.

      For example:
    11. To view this port for your system:

      1. Click the three-line icon (GUID-1A4C6D30-FD29-42B8-9926-E14E1A55068E-low.png).
      2. Click Admin App.
      3. In the Admin App, click Monitoring Dashboard Services Logging.
      4. In the Network section, view the port value for the SYSLOG_PORT.


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