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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Virtual Infrastructure Integrator (V2I)

Welcome to Hitachi Virtual Infrastructure Integrator (V2I) official documentation!

By integrating into the VMware vSphere virtual environment, the Virtual Infrastructure Integrator software provides data management services including managed snapshot backups, snapshot restores, and snapshot backup scheduling operations on virtual machines (VMs) and VMware vSphere® vApp(s)™ (vApp(s)) that are hosted exclusively on Hitachi Storage devices. You can apply snapshot backup schedules to specific VMs and vApp(s) by grouping them according to your needs. The Virtual Infrastructure Integrator also enables the creation of VM and vApp clones instantly, even while the VMs and vApp(s) are powered on.

The software takes advantage of Hitachi NAS platforms File Clone technology to deliver VM and VMDK hardware-level snapshot backups, which can be instantly created or restored. The same technology is used to create efficient clones and linked-clone VMs. When configured for block storage, Hitachi Thin Image (HTI) is also supported.