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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

VSP F800 storage system specifications

The following table provides an overview of the system specifications for VSP F800 storage system.

Item VSP F800 specifications
System Number of Flash Module Drives (FMD) Minimum 4
Maximum 576
Number of Flash Drives Minimum 4
Maximum 1,152
RAID group configuration RAID6 6D+2P, 14D+2P
RAID5 3D+1P, 7D+1P
RAID1 2D+2D, 4D+4D
Maximum number of spare drives*1 64
Maximum number of LDEVs 16,384
Maximum storage system capacity (physical capacity) 8,106TB (using 14TB FMD) 4,356 TB (using 3.8 TB SSD)
Maximum external configuration 64 PB
Maximum number of DBs 48
Memory Cache memory capacity 64GB to 512GB
Cache memory capacity with NAS module is installed 256 GB/512 GB
Cache flash memory BM30
Storage I/F DKC to drive interface SAS/Dual Port
Data transfer rate 6Gbps/12Gbps
Maximum number of drive per SAS I/F 24
Maximum number of DKB PCB 8
Device I/F Support channel type Open system Fibre Channel Short Wavelength *2 / iSCSI*4
Data transfer rate Fibre Channel 200/400/800/1,600/3,200 MB/s
iSCSI 100/1,000 MB/s
NAS (NFS/CIFS) 1,000 MB/s
Maximum number of CHB 12
16 (CHBB used)*5
Maximum number of CHB with NAS module is installed 4
8(CHBB used)
Acoustic level*3 Operating CBL 60dB
Standby CBL 55dB
Non-stop maintenance Control PCB Supported
Cache memory Supported
Cache flash memory Supported
Power supply, fan Supported
Microcode Supported
Flash Drive, Flash Module Drive Supported


*1: Available as spare or data drives.

*2: The port can be changed to long wavelength by replacing the SFP transceiver of the fibre port on the CHB to the DKC-F810I-1PL8/1PL16.

*3: Measurement Condition: The point 1m away from the floor and surface of the product.

*4: Short wavelength model is DW-F800-2HS10S, copper model is DW-F800-2HS10B.

*5: SVOS 6.3.1 or later


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