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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform F800 hardware overview


The Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform F800 is a modular, rack-mountable all-flash array storage system, with various fixed storage capacity configurations of FMD DC2 flash storage devices. To deliver consistent low latency host response times and highest IOP performance across all host connection ports, hard-disk drives are supported in an all-flash configuration.

The storage system contain dual controllers, each controller contains its own processor, dual in-line cache memory modules (DIMMs), cache flash memory (CFM), battery, fans and iSCSI and Fibre Channel I/O modules. Each controller also has an Ethernet connection for out-of-band management. If the data path through one controller fails, all data drives remain available to data hosts using a redundant data path through the other controller.

The storage system can be equipped with embedded network-attached storage (NAS) modules. The NAS modules provide file access through CIFS and NFS protocols and block access by using iSCSI protocols.

All storage system models allow defective drives to be replaced without the interruption of data availability to hosts. A hot spare drive can be configured to replace a failed drive automatically, securing the fault-tolerant integrity of the logical drives. Self-contained, hardware-based RAID logical drives provide maximum performance in compact external enclosures.

Essential hardware components are implemented with a redundant configuration so that the storage system can remain operational if a component fails. Adding and replacing components, along with firmware upgrades, can be conducted while the storage system is active.

Block configuration


A storage system configured for block-level storage provides the ability to access and provision raw storage volumes using protocols such as Fibre Channel and iSCSI.

A block configuration consists of the following:

  • Two controllers
  • One or more drive trays
  • One 1U service processor server (SVP)

Unified configuration


A unified configuration includes embedded NAS modules that support file system protocols such as CIFS and NFS and operate across a block-level setup using iSCSI or FC connections.

  • Two controllers
  • Two NAS modules for file operations and storage
  • One or more drive trays for block-level storage
  • One 1U block service processor server (SVP)

VSP F800 model


The VSP F800 is a highly reliable all-flash system that offers high storage capacity with full redundancy to better protect data and manage storage operations.

The storage system consists of a 4U enclosure that includes two controllers. Drives are supported using drive trays connected to the controllers.


Controller chassis

Controller model


CBLH DW800-CBL DW‑F800‑CTLH 4U (174.3 mm)

Drive tray

Drive tray model name

Supported drive type

Number of drives supported


FMD tray DW-F800-DBF 5.25-inch FMD 12 2U (86.2 mm)
SFF drive tray
  • DW-F800-DBS (power supply, contains BNST)
  • DW-F800-DBSC
2.5-inch SFF 24 2U (86.2 mm)

High-speed cache memory

The storage system supports 512 GB of high-speed cache memory. The DIMMs are arranged as 128 GB per controller.

Flash module drives (FMD)

The VSP F800 storage system supports up to 576 flash module drives. The total raw flash capacity is 8,106 TB.

Model number

Drive type

Drive capacity



1.6 TiB


3.2 TiB


6.4 TiB


7 TB


14 TB

Solid-state drives

The VSP F800 storage system supports up to 1,152 SSDs. The total raw flash capacity is 4,355 TB.

Model number

Drive type

Drive capacity



1.9 TB


3.8 TB

Interface ports

Interface ports for attachment to hosts are provided on the front-end modules. The system supports 24 front-end modules.

Model number


Maximum number of ports supported
DW-F800-2HS10S 10-Gbps iSCSI (optical) front-end module 24
DW-F800-2HS10B 10-Gbps iSCSI (copper) front-end module 24
DW-F800-4HF8 8-Gbps Fibre Channel (4-port) front-end module 48
DW-F800-2HF16 16-Gbps Fibre Channel (2-port) front-end module 24
DW-F800-4HF32R 32/16-Gbps Fibre Channel (4-port) front-end module 48



The features described in the table are included with VSP F800



Maximum cache memory supported 512 GB
Maximum number of spare drives 64

Maximum number of RAID groups


Maximum volume size

3 TB (4 TB when using the LDEVs of other Storage Systems)

Maximum number of volumes per host groups


Maximum number of volumes per RAID group


Maximum number of DP pool volumes


Maximum number of DP pools


Maximum number of iSCSI hosts connected through a network switch


Maximum number of Fibre Channel devices connected through a Fibre Channel switch




All storage systems offer pay-as-you-grow scalability by allowing you to hot-add drives as you need them.

Examples of supported VSP F800 configurations


The following table lists the maximum number of drive trays and drives supported in a system configuration. A diskless configuration does not include any drive trays.

Drive tray

Maximum number of drive trays supported

Maximum number of drives supported

SFF drive tray 48 1152 SSDs
FMD drive tray 48 576 HAF flash module drives
FMD2 drive tray 48 48 DC2 flash module drives

Maximum number of mounted drive trays


The following table lists the maximum number of mountable drive trays and mountable drives for each drive type.

VSP F800 controller

Drive trays

Maximum number of trays

Maximum number of drives




576 FMDs (HAF)



40 FMDs + 2 spares (DC2)

48 FMDs



1,152 SSDs


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