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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Server components

The Series 4000 server comes in four models: Hitachi NAS Platform 4040, Hitachi NAS Platform 4060, Hitachi NAS Platform 4080, and Hitachi NAS Platform 4100.

Physically, models HNAS 4060 and HNAS 4080 are identical. To upgrade a model HNAS 4060 to a model HNAS 4080 requires the addition of a software license. From outside of the chassis, model HNAS 4100 is identical to the other models--it shares the same ports and connectivity.

All server models have a chassis that is 3U (5.25 inches) high, 480 millimeters (19 inches) wide, rack mountable, and a maximum of 686 millimeters (27 inches) deep, excluding the bezel. The chassis contains:

  • Front bezel
  • MMB (Main Motherboard)
  • MFB (Main FPGA Board)
    • Model 4040 uses an MFB
    • Models 4060 and 4080 use an MFB2
    • Model 4100 uses an MFB2E
  • Hot-swappable fan assemblies
    • Model 4040 has two fans
    • Models 4060, 4080, and 4100 have dual fans
  • Dual power supplies
  • NVRAM backup battery pack
  • Dual 2.5 inch disk drives