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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Working with replication links

A replication link provides all the information the Replication service needs to perform its functions. You can create a link in the HCP System Management Console for either of the systems involved in the link.

When you create a link, you specify whether it is active/active, the outbound side of an active/passive link (that is, the primary system), or the inbound side of an active/passive link (that is, the replica). Once a link exists, you can select HCP tenants, default-namespace directories, and, for active/passive links only, other links to replicate on the link.

You can modify replication links at any time. You can also delete replication links. However, this action should be taken only with a full understanding of the consequences.

This section of the Help contains considerations and instructions for performing the activities mentioned above.

To view a replication link, you need the monitor or administrator role. To create, manage, modify, or delete a replication link, you need the administrator role.

You can also use the HCP management API to create, manage, modify, and delete replication links.


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