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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Restarting a network

If a tagged network is enabled but traffic on it is not reaching the HCP system, the cause may be that the network interface cannot be found. In this case, both the Overview and Networks pages in the HCP System Management Console display an alert about the condition.

To resolve this issue, you can restart the network. Restarting a network causes HCP to recreate the network interface that corresponds to the network VLAN ID.

You should not restart a network for which the network interface is functioning properly. Restarting a working network temporarily stops communications on that network from reaching HCP.


Before restarting a network, ensure that the physical network is functioning properly.


  1. On the Networks Network View page, in the network list, click the name of the network that you want to restart.

  2. At the bottom of the panel that opens, click Restart Network.

    A warning message appears asking you to confirm the action.

  3. In the field in the message window, type YES. This is case-sensitive.

  4. Click Update Settings.


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