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About the Search page

To manage search and indexing, including viewing, creating, and managing content classes and content properties, you use the Search page in the Tenant Management Console. To display this page, in the top-level menu, select Services Search.

The Search page is available only if the tenant is configured to allow search and index management.

To view existing content classes and content properties, you need the monitor or administrator role. To create, modify, and delete content classes and content properties and reindex namespaces associated with content classes, you need the administrator role.

Managing the content class list

The Search page lists existing content classes. For each content class, the list shows the content class name.

By default, the content class list includes all existing content classes. The content classes are listed 20 at a time in ascending order by name.

You can page through, sort, and filter the list of content classes. The Search page indicates which content classes are shown out of the total number of content classes in the current list.


You can change the number of content classes shown at a time on the Search page. To do this, in the Items per page field, select the number of group accounts you want. The options are 10, 20, and 50.

To page forward or backward through the group account list, click the next (GUID-E53D8EEE-3705-4C3C-B18A-BEB5FB24120A-low.png) or back (GUID-18C7E4A4-FD0B-42E4-B8A2-398D820683E9-low.png) control, respectively.


  1. In the Page field, type the page number you want.

  2. Press Enter.


You can sort the content class list in ascending or descending order by content class name. To change the sort order, click the Name column heading. Each time you click the column heading, the sort order switches between ascending and descending.


You can filter the content class list by content class name. The filtered list includes only those content classes with a name that begins with or is the same as a specified text string.


  1. In the entry field above the list, type the text string you want to use as a filter.

    This string can be up to 64 characters long and can contain any valid UTF-8 characters, including white space. It is not case sensitive.
  2. Click the find control (GUID-6E913982-4DF5-4877-8C35-9F689D3C126D-low.png).

Next steps

To redisplay the entire list of group accounts after filtering it, click the clear filter control (GUID-2642447B-5A00-4823-9C72-F52C8FB6018E-low.png).

Understanding the content property list for a content class

To view the content properties defined for a content class, click the content class name in the content class list. The panel that opens (the Settings panel) contains a list of the content properties in that content class. The properties are listed in alphabetical order by name.

For each content property, the list shows:

  • Name

    The content property name

  • Expression

    The XPath expression for the content property, with an annotation prefix if applicable

  • Type

    The data type of the content property

  • Format

    The format for the content property

  • GUID-2E638E71-BE49-413C-B2BC-E38044648DD6-low.png

    An indication of whether the content property is multivalued


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