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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Configuring the Hitachi Device Manager connection

With SAIN systems only, HCP can push information to Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM), so you can monitor and manage HCP along with your other Hitachi storage systems from a single console. You use the HDvM page in the HCP System Management Console to configure and test the connection between HCP and HDvM.

HCP supports IPv4 and IPv6 network connections to HDvM servers. However, HDvM support for IPv6 network connections varies based on the HDvM server operating system. For information about requirements for HDvM servers that support IPv6 networks, see the applicable Hitachi Command Suite documentation.

You can configure HCP to automatically push the information. You can also manually request a push at any time.

To display the HDvM page, in the top-level menu of the System Management Console, select Monitoring HDvM.

To view the HDvM page, you need the monitor or administrator role. To configure the HDvM connection, you need the administrator role.

The HDvM page shows the date and time HCP last pushed information to HDvM and the HDvM response to that action. If the last attempt to push information was unsuccessful, the panel also shows the time of and response to the last successful push.

NoteA response message of “Partial update” may be the result of a transient error (for example, a LUN scan that hasn’t finished yet). If you see this message, wait a few minutes. Then request the information push again. If you see this message repeatedly, contact your authorized HCP service provider for help.

For information about using HDvM, see the applicable HDvM documentation.

Configuring HCP to work with HDvM

Before you begin

To view the HDvM page, you need the monitor or administrator role. To configure the HDvM connection, you need the administrator role.


  1. On the HDvM page of the System Management Console, to have HCP automatically push information to HDvM, select Enable scheduled updates to HDvM.

  2. In the Device Manager Server field, type the host name or IP address that you want HCP to use to connect to HDvM.

  3. In the Username field, type your username for logging in to HDvM.

  4. In the Password field, type your password.

    If you’re modifying the HDvM settings and you leave the Password field empty, the previously set password remains in effect.

  5. In the Frequency field, select the frequency with which you want HCP to automatically update HDvM with new information.

    You can use the Send Now button on this page to force an update at any time.

  6. Optionally, click Test to verify that HCP can contact HDvM with the settings you’ve specified.

    HCP displays a message at the top of the page indicating whether the test was successful. If it wasn’t, correct the settings.

    You can use the Test button to test the HDvM connection at any time.

  7. Click Update HDvM Settings.


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