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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Licenses and Features

The following table show the features that can be used under the basic and premium licenses. The extended license does not provide extra functionality.

Data-at-rest encryption
Using cloud protocols (REST, S3 compatible, HSwift)
Content authenticity
Creating custom metadata
The ability to have 10,000 namespaces
Storage management
Content repair service
Content verification service
Scavenging service
Local data protection
Global replication
Object versioning
Storage quotas
Object compression
Object migration (automated technology refresh)
Access control lists
Using the management API
Duplicate elimination service
Metadata query engine
Creating more than one tenant
Generating chargeback reports
Creating virtual networks
Configure tenant logging and alerting through Syslog, snmp, SMTP
System and tenant level branding
Using WebDAV
Using CIFS
Using NFS
Using SMTP
Using the namespace compliance log
Tenant privileged delete log
Holding objects
Object retention
Disposition service
Shredding service
Metadata only replication plan
SAN storage zero copy failover


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