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HCP Hotfix 7.1.2-H1030 README

Hot Fix: 7.1.2-H1030

HCP Version: 7.1.2

Bugs fixed in this hot fix:

   Bug [HCP-26734] - Failed replication drain thread can cause leaked storman connection.

   Bug [HCP-26814] - Concurrent MQE requests get queued up once limit is reached (includes fix from 7.1.2-H1021).

   Bug [HCP-26971] - Running Admin Jvm Command to Turn Off Replication Verification Protection Service.

   Bug [HCP-27008] - Cannot add custom metadata to an object that is on Primary and External storage.

   Bug [HCP-27227] - CloudServiceBadRequestException: The specified key does not exist.

   Bug [HCP-27236] - Proceed with transferrable close even if channel close threw; fix covers CompressingTransferrable, UncompressingTransferrable and EncryptingCompressingTransferrable.

This hotfix includes Hotfixes:





Bug HCP-27227

Bug HCP-27236

Installation Instructions:

  1. Extract the signed tarball from
  2. Copy the signed tarball to the /home/service directory on the highest storage node.
  3. Log into this node as the service user and go to Perform a Service Procedure->Install a Hotfix->Install from the File System.
  4. For the path to the hotfix use /home/service/7.1.2-H1030.tgz.sig.
  5. Each node will be updated automatically with the hotfix.
  6. If the customer wants to run an online hotfix installation follow 6a, otherwise if the customer wants to run an offline hotfix installation, follow 6b.
    1. After the hotfix has successfully been installed, reboot each node manually.
    2. After the hotfix has successfully been installed, reboot the whole cluster manually.