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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Troubleshooting switch backup and upgrade issues

Use the following guidelines and suggested steps to help resolve backup switch configuration and switch firmware upgrade issues.

  • Condition:

    An issue occurs when backing up switch configurations or upgrading switch firmware for Brocade G620 and Cisco 3048, 93180YC, or 93180LC switches when the SSH host keys have been changed.

    Following is an example of the type of error message that is output for this condition.

    Error - Failed to upgrade firmware. Failed to upgrade network switch firmware with firmware file /UCPFirmware/Firmware/FC/G620/v8.0.1. Failed to upgrade network switch firmware with firmware file /UCPFirmware/Firmware/FC/G620/v8.0.1. One or more parameters are not valid. The server is inaccessible or firmware path is invalid. Please make sure the server name/IP address and the firmware path are valid, the protocol and authentication are supported. It is also possible that the RSA host key could have been changed and please contact the System Administrator for adding the correct host key. at Hitachi.Storage.ExceptionHelper`2.ThrowNewException (L logger, Exception exception, T id, Object[] args)
  • What it Means:

    As a security precaution, the backing up of switch configurations or upgrading of switch firmware fails when the SSH host keys have been changed.

  • Corrective Action:

    Clear the list of trusted SSH hosts for switches where the backup configuration or upgrade fails.

For Brocade switches, issue the following:

admin> sshutil delknownhost -all This Command will delete all the known host keys. Please Confirm with Yes(Y,y), No(N,n) [N]: y All Known Host(s) deleted Successfully.

For Cisco System switches, issue the following:

R1-93180LC-EX-B# clear ssh hosts