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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

Adding resources

UCP Advisor can automatically register and configure UCP hyperconverged or converged infrastructure resources in a single workflow using a CSV file. If necessary, you can also add individual resources manually.

Automatically adding resources using a CSV file

You can use a CSV file to automatically add multiple storage, compute, and switch devices.

Before you begin

Prior to adding resources, you must first have a CSV file prepared that lists the devices and provides other configuration details on how these devices are to be brought on-board. If a CSV file is not already prepared for your site, you can use the sample spreadsheet located in the installation folder (C:\Program Files\Hitachi\UCP Advisor\Documentation\UCPAdvisorOnBoardSheet.csv). In this case, you need to manually enter the connection information for your devices and then save the configuration as a .csv file that can be uploaded during this procedure.


  1. In the Navigator window, click Administration.

  2. Click the Onboard tab.

  3. Click Select Worksheet to browse through your computer folders for the .csv file for the devices you want to bring onboard.

  4. Click Upload to upload the specified .csv file.

    Configuration details from the selected .csv file are uploaded, as reflected in the Devices to be Onboarded field.
  5. Review the information to verify the device details.

  6. Click Onboard to onboard the devices.