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Requesting specific fields

When you run an advanced search in the Search App, you might be able to select which fields you want returned as part of each search result. This lets you exclude search result information that you're not interested in.

Your administrator determines whether this feature is available on the index you want to search.

You can either search for a field in the search bar, or select one from the list:


The fields available depend on the index that you're searching.

To select the fields you want returned:


  1. Choose an index.

  2. If you have access to multiple search indexes, use the menu in the search bar to select the one you want to search or select All.

  3. Click Advanced to the right of the search bar. Select Fields appears next to the search bar.

  4. Click a field, or multiple fields. The fields you select appear at the bottom of the search bar, where you have the ability to delete them if needed.

  5. Click Search to run a search.


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