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Editing a dashboard

ImportantIn HCI version 1.6 or later, the System Name field is now mandatory. If you have updated from a previous version to 1.6 or later, any visualizations that are missing this field will display no data and have the following message prepended to it: <INVALID VISUALIZATION - 'System Name' field is missing and required.>

To add a name and remove the warning message, click the Dashboards tab, click Edit on your dashboard, and then click Edit on your visualization . When you are finished, click Update.

After you create a dashboard, you can change the way your visualizations appear on the dashboard.


  1. From the Dashboard menu, click the Edit link for a dashboard.

  2. On the Edit window:

    1. Click Add Visualization to add new visualizations. See Types of dashboard visualizations.

    2. Click the Delete icon to remove a visualization from the dashboard.

    3. Resize visualizations by clicking and dragging any corner of a visualization.

  3. Click Update.

Next steps

If you have made changes or deleted a dashboard, you can restore them to their original state.

To do this:

  1. Click either Imported Logs or Sources.
  2. Select the imported logs or source you want to modify and then click Edit.
  3. Under the Dashboards tab, click Restore Dashboards.
  4. When prompted, click Yes.


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