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Protector Connector for VMware vRealize Orchestrator Version 1.6.1

 About this document

This document (RN-99PRT002-03, September 2021) provides late-breaking information about Protector Connector for VMware vRealize Orchestrator (Protector Connector for vRO) Version 1.6.1. It includes information that was not available at the time the technical documentation for this product was published, as well as a list of known problems and solutions.

Intended audience

This document is intended for customers and Hitachi Vantara partners who license and use the Protector Connector for VMware vRealize Orchestrator (or the previous version known as HDID Connector for VMware vRealize Orchestrator (HDID Connector for vRO).

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About this release

This is a maintenance release.


Features and enhancements


vRO support

The connector now supports vRO 8.

HTML5 vSphere GUI support

The connector includes a new html5_actions.xml to populate the vRealize Orchestrator context menu in the HTML5 vSphere GUI.

System requirements

For information about the supported operating systems and hardware requirements, see:


·         HDID 6.7+, Protector 7.0+

·         VMware vRealize Orchestrator 7.4+, 8.x

·         ESXi host version 6.5 or later.

Resolved Problems in 1.6.1

The following table lists the problems that are resolved in this release by defect ID.

Defect ID



Allow cloning to ClusterComputeResources.


Allow use of the deprecated "HDID Ad Hoc" vSphere tag for performing Ad Hoc Backups.


HCP and S3 Restore records missing.

Known Problems

The following table lists the problems that are resolved in this release by defect ID.

Defect ID




vRO does not support cloning or restoring snapshots in a snapshot pool.

The snapshots must be in a dynamic or hybrid pool.


If two VMs with the same name are part of a Gen1 backup, Protector cannot distinguish between them at restore time. When using the vRO interface, only one VM is listed.


Installation and User Guide

For installation and User Guide information, see the Hitachi Ops Center Protector VMware Application Guide (MK-99PRT004-03).

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